Versamail won't retrieve POP Mail

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Hi there, thanks for clicking :-)

I own a Tungsten T3, when I started using it I would sync with MS
Outlook. However, after a while I switched to Thunderbird for e-mail.
There isn't a conduit to sync mail with Thunderbird (although I can
sync the address book), so I set up Versamail to retrieve mail directly
from my POP server. This worked fine.

However, some time ago, to speed up hotsync's I set the Versamail
conduit to "Do Nothing".

Recently, I've wanted to start getting a copy of my email on my Palm
once more, so I set the Versamail conduit to synchronize. However,
nothing happens, I don't get any new mail onto my TT3.

This is what I have done so far to diagnose/fix:

Checked and rechecked all account settings. - No help.
Tested the settings - No help
Rechecked settings. - No help
Deleted and recreated accounts on both desktop and handheld - No help.
Set up Versamail to check my GMail account instead of my pop-mail
account - Still didn't get any mail.

I am at a loss at what to try next to work out what's wrong or how to
fix it.

I'd appreciate any advice.

Thanks for reading.

Re: Versamail won't retrieve POP Mail

David.R.Gilson wrote:
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There is a Palm conduit for Thunderbird. It just takes a bit of patience
to get working.

Re: Versamail won't retrieve POP Mail

Thanks for the reply.
I am already using the PalmSync.xpi extension to sync the Thunderbird
address book. Although this has never given me the ability to sync my
mail (I.e. in my Hotsync conduit list, I have the Mozilla Thunderbird
Address Book conduit, but no such conduit for e-mail.).

If there's some extra trick to it, could you tell let me know, please ?


Dekaritae wrote:
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Re: Versamail won't retrieve POP Mail

Hello again,
I read the thread linked on the page you linked, "Mail Sync for Palm
Nothing in that thread that really helped me, but it did get me

I have my Thunderbird set up so that I have seperate mailboxes for each
of my POP accounts, i.e. I don't use the default inbox.

SO, I just tried copying some mail into my default inbox and Hotsync'd

My mail synchronised with my palm!

So, you were indeed correct. So there's the caveat with this Conduit,
you need to have mail in your default inbox (I'll have to go figure out
some filters to keep a few emails in there).

So, on reflection, perhaps I should assume it is actually the PalmSync
conduit that has nuked my POP synchronisation. That's an unfortunate
side effect, but hey, I have synchronisation with Thunderbird, not bad
for freeware! :-)

Thanks again,
Best wishes,

Dekaritae wrote:
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