VersaMail crashes on Trash clearing !

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Hi All,

I have a Tungsten W and use VersaMail 2.5.2 for on-the-move email access via

I have a problem whereby I can do everything on VersaMail with no problems,
including moving emails to Trash. But on attempting to clear the VersaMail
Trash, the system issues a FATAL RESET and reboots.

I have done a hard reset of the system and synchronised but it does not
help. It used to work in the beginning but not now.
Also, I have still 7.9M of 15M free on the handheld memory. The Trash shows
60+ messages, mostly in the 2KB size range with about 5 in the 5 in the 40KB
size range.

I have gone to the palmone knowledge base but nothing there helps.The
closest article talked about ensuring sufficient memory but I seem to have
that as stated above.

Anyone has any ideas about how I can resolve my overflowing trash <g> ?

Note that I am OK with a method that clears all VersaMail folders as my
notebook is my primary email workstation

Thanks in advance,

Re: VersaMail crashes on Trash clearing !

I am sorry I don't know what gprs is.
Maybe this wil help:

VersaMail 2.6 Outlook 2003 Update

      Posted May 20, 2004
      This update fixes issues related to syncing VersaMail with Outlook
2003 when using Cached Mode. It also addresses the problem of messages not
being removed from the mail server when queued for removal from VersaMail.

      Warning: This patch is not necessary and does not work for previous or
later releases of VersaMail.

      Just a thought!

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