Using Palm Acrobat reader?

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A long time ago I installed the version of Palm Acrobat that came with my
PDA, but never really used it. Now I can't seem to get .PDF files to
transfer to my Zire. When I hot sync I get the folowing message:

"ERROR: The following file(s) could not be installed to the SecureDigital
(SD) Card because there is no application on your handheld to open these
files. If you have recently installed such an application, please run that
application and then perform a HotSync operation."

Is there something I need to do to PDF files that I've downloaded from the
net in order to make them compatible with this reader?

BTW, the desktop wouldn't let me drop them in the internal memory section,
only in the SD card. I was aware of this restriction for MP3s, but not for

And I've got a bunch of plain text files that I'd like to have on my PDA.
They are bigger than the 4K limit of Notepad. How do I convert them into
something that PalmReader or the like can understand? Something that doesn't
take 30K for a 10K file! And can I store them on the SD card instead of in
memory, which I'm starting to running low on?

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Re: Using Palm Acrobat reader?

Bob Kaplow wrote:
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Hello Bob,

Paul from palmOne here. Didier is correct that there are third-party
apps that can do what you want. But, if you're interested in using
Native pdf files first need to be converted by "Adobe Reader for Palm
OS" for proper reading on the handheld. If you have the standard "Adobe
Reader" on your desktop, chances are a plug-in was added to it during
your original installation of the Palm software. In Adobe Reader, open
a pdf file as you normally would, then go back up to File and you
should see "Send to Palm" as one of the choices in the drop-down box.
Choose it and you'll get a window in which to add files. It will then
convert your file(s), after which you can hotsync it over to the
handheld. BTW, you'll also see a "Preferences" button near the top of
this window. Here you will be able to choose whether you'd like the
file transferred to the handheld or the SD card.

Another way is to find the "Adobe Reader for Palm OS" .exe
file(Windows)in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Reader for Palm OS and
open the same process from there.

There is more information on this, including converting text files, in
the palmOne Knowledge Library article "Reading eBooks, text files,
e-zines, PDF documents or other publications on your device" at

Hope that's of help.


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Re: Using Palm Acrobat reader?

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I started using Repligo and is works like a charm. Better than the Adobe
program ever did.

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Sounds like you could use Plucker, Works great for me.


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Re: Using Palm Acrobat reader?

[seems this didn't make it out yesterday...] writes:
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Aparantly not.

Option not there.

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OK, I found this and ran it. Took the handful of PDF files I wanted on my
PDA, and ran them through. It generated the new files, and instructed me to
hot-sync. I did, but the hot sync didn't transfer anything, either to memory
or my SD card.

The first time I tried, it did install something on my PDA called

So I figured out where it put those converted PDFs, and manually dropped
them into the Hot Sync Quick Install. Another hot sync and still nothing,
but I did get the same error as I reported before when it tried to do
something with them.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I just printed this out, and will try some of the suggestions there for the
text files.

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I appreciate your response. My experiences with trying to get help for my
Zire-71 with Alzheimer's from Palm via phone, email, web, or fax have been
horrible. I've posted several times to this group about what I consider to
be a design defect with this product, and have been totally ignored by Palm.
What good is a PDA that regularly wipes out all of its data?

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Re: Using Palm Acrobat reader? (Bob Kaplow) wrote in

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You can't transfer .pdf files directly, you have to convert them to .pdb
using the Adobe reader.  I gave up on that piece of crap long ago.  If I
have to put .pdf files on my Palm, I convert them to Plucker using
PDAconverter.  The Adobe Acrobat reader for Palm isn't ready for prime
time.  In a word, it sucks.  



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Re: Using Palm Acrobat reader?

I actually have a version of Documents to go that lets you open PDF
files natively, and it works wonders if you have enough memory.

If you have an older palm, you might want to use Adobe's palm version
since the converted files are much smaller

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