using GW basic with serial com on pda

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Hello everybody

I would like to connect a pda to an instrument with a serial port. At
the moment this instrument is controled by GW basic using a laptop
RS232 port.

I would like to achieve the same using a PDA but I don't have
knowledge on the way they work. I'm considering buying a pocketPC with
bluetooth capability and to install pocketDOS so GWbasic would run on
the pda. Then I would connect a Socket bluetooth serial adaptor on the
instrument so the instrument will receive serial port commands.

This would work only if the pda can transparently translate rs232
commands coming from the GW basic program to bluetooth (OPEN, PRINT
#1, INPUT$(1),...).

I would like to know if somebody had to solve the same problem before
and what kind of available pda I should buy to achieve this sort of

Thank you,

Re: using GW basic with serial com on pda

Dear Sir/Madam,

Whereas we have not personally tested this type of operation, it is
certainly theoretically possible to perform it with PocketDOS. As long
as the PDA maps the bluetooth serial port to a COM port, then it will
be possible to map the DOS COM1: or COM2: port to the virtual bluetooth
serial port. Once you have done this, then it should be possible to use
the port from GW-BASIC. As PocketDOS emulates a real UART (regardless
of what's actually mapped to the COM1: or COM2: port), GW-BASIC should
not have any problems communicating via the virtual bluetooth serial

However, it is advisable that you test this before purchasing either a
PDA or PocketDOS, as the only way to really know if it will work is to
try it...

Thank you for your interest.
PocketDOS - Adds DOS compatibility to your Pocket Computer.

Re: using GW basic with serial com on pda

A customer point of interest... PocketDOS was the only application I
ever used on a pocketpc device that I liked and didn't have any
problems with.  PocketDOS is good stuff!  DNDKWTDABRGWCROAxxxx

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