Using a serial docking cradle with a Motorola i55 cell phone?

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I am having trouble getting my Symbol SPT-1800 palm OS device to
perform a modem sync using the cradle.

The cradle is serial. I have the following connection: cradle->null
modem adapter-> data cable -> i55

I think my problem is the init string for the modem connection. I have
a tried a variety of different strings, but none of them seem to work.

When I try to perform a hotsync, I initiate on the the palm device, and
depending on the string, I see a message on the phone "Data Call
Setup", then a loud BEEP, then the message "Call Failed". Looking at
the palm device, I see the message "Error:no dial tone".

I have tried to find the proper init string for the Motorola phone, but
I haven't had any luck.

Is anyone using a cellphone with a data cable to perform a hotsync? If
so, what is your init string.


Re: Using a serial docking cradle with a Motorola i55 cell phone?

After many phone calls to both Nextel (hard to work with) and Motorola
(easy to work with), it seems that I need an additional service called
CDS (circuit data service), not the standard DS, which is a packet data

As I understand it, you can use the packet data service to use the
phone as a modem to connect to the Internet via Nextel. I have tried
this using Nextel's Dashboard software and it does work for me.

You must have the CDS to use the phone as a modem to call other modems,
like for dial-up Internet service, or to perform a remote modem
hotsync. This does not work for me (I don't have CDS)

The problem I am having now is that Nextel is telling me that you can't
get CDS any more. If you have it, that's OK...but if you want to add
it, you can't.

Does anyone know how to get CDS added to an existing Nextel plan? Do
other providers offer this service? I am trying to find a cell phone
that I can use with my palm os device to perform remote hotsync over a
modem. Or, is anyone doing network syncs using the Internet (connect
the palm os to the Internet via a packet data connection, then perform
a hotsync through a firewall).


Re: Using a serial docking cradle with a Motorola i55 cell phone?

Good news...It works.  I was able to go through my local Nextel store
to get help. I talked to the manager and he got one of his tech. guys
to add CDS to my plan.

I was able to make a call using the Motorola i55sr and perform a
hotsync. It wasn't the fastest, but it did work.

Settings - On the palm os device:

On the HotSync screen: "Modem" toggle, "Standard Modem" dropdown,
"1112223333" phone number

Menu->Options->Modem Sync Prefs : "Direct to modem"

Menu->Options->Lansync Prefs: "Local HotSync"

Menu->Options->Connection Setup: Standard Modem

Hit the <Edit> button : Edit Connection screen: Name "Standard Modem",
connect to "Modem", via "Cradle/Cable", dialing "Touchtone", volume

Hitting the <Details> button, speed "57600", Flow Ctl "Automatic", Init
String "ATZ"

Settings - On the desktop:
 - make sure you have "Modem" checked in the hotsync menu
 - in the "Setup" on the hotsync menu, on the modem tab : serial port
"com4" (my modem is on com port 4),  speed "as fast as possible", modem
"Hayes Basic", setup string "ATS0=1M1L0" (this is the default init
string for a Hayes Basic modem)

That's about it.

Re: Using a serial docking cradle with a Motorola i55 cell phone?

One more thing. The Symbol SPT-1800 is running Palm OS 4.1.2.  The
desktop is running MS Windows XP, service pack 2


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