Used Tungsten E caveats?

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Hi. I'm offered a used Palm Tungsten E for cheap. Would love to try one
but I've no idea about Palm devices. So could anyone tell me what are
the caveats I should watch out for when going for a used Palm Tungsten
E? What are the things that might create troubles on a one year old
Tungsten? batteries? Also, is there a way to find out the manufacturing
year of the device...something like the Nokia codes? Thanks for any

Re: Used Tungsten E caveats? wrote:
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The power switch breaks loose from the circuit board on the TE. It can
be resoldered.

The point on the circuit board where the speaker contacts make contact
oxidizes causing the speaker to not work. This also can be cleaned up.

Re: Used Tungsten E caveats?

Speaker? I wan't aware it had one. By that do you mean the headphone socket?

I had mine replaced under warranty - not a new one but refurbished.

My complaints...

1. Don't like Graffiti 2. Someone suggested I could load Graffiti 1, but
by then I had invested time in learning Graffiti 2. Compared to my son's
O2, input looks clumsy.

2. I also had flip cover replaced under warranty - both covers split in
hinge area. Poor quality!

I don't think I would buy another Palm. My old Zire (original model) had
little memory, but more user-friendly.

John wrote:

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