Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a handheld

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Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a  handheld

I am a novice at technology. I am not good at typing. It takes me too

I would like to buy a pen/stylus based handheld device.

This is what I really need it for:
1. name
2. email address
3. tel numbers
4. Company name.

Typically the above will be in one line or so.
I will have about a 1000 people's contact info.

This is what I would like it to have:
- good handwriting recognition capability
- possibly voice recognition too

I should be able to retrieve the inputed info easily.
(hopefuly like a mini search engine)

Can anyone pls suggest what name/device /model I should buy for the
above requirements.

I know this is a Palm newsgroup. But if another company's product is
more suitable pls let me know.

Anything else i should be looking for ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a handheld

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On one hand, Palms are dreadful for typing anything lengthy. An external
keyboard is frequently used in such cases. I have many contacts, and used my
PC software's "export" function in the proper format (since PCs are easier
to type into, I had my main database there), and "import" the addresses with
Palm Desktop. Plus some rearranging and syncronizing.

As to *which* model, it depends on other features you need. Some Palms have
tiny keyboards built in, some have color screens and media capabilities,
etc. You could spend a smaller amount on a low-end Zire, $200 US on a
Tungsten E (good entry level), more on higher-end, including telephone

Re: Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a handheld

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Hi Anna,

Paul from palmOne here. If you'd like to be able to compare the
features, side by side, of the various palmOne handhelds, you might
find this page helpful:

Best luck in your decision,


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Re: Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a handheld

annabaum100@yahoo.com (Anna Baum) wrote in

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Sounds like the description of a Palm.  No handhelds I know of have
voice recognition, but the Palm uses Graffiti input, which is easy to
learn, and pretty quick to use.  You can import the data you already
have if you can get it into a comma-delimited text file.



Re: Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a handheld

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 This is no problem at all. I think even the original, decade-old
Palm Pilot would do that. The nice thing is that if you have this
information on a computer, you can 'sync' it over to the Palm
without having to re-enter it.
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 The only handheld I ever heard like that that was a prototype done
by IBM with special hardware. Real voice recognition takes a huge
amount of processing power. Now, many handhelds have voice *recorders*
that you can use to record quick notes for yourself...

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 Again, just what a Palm was designed for. For your needs, I'd get a
used Palm off of eBay or something. The cheapest *new* Palm lists at
$99, and a Palm IIIxe on eBay looks to be $20-$40.


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Re: Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a handheld

Anna Baum wrote:

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Probably, as was said already, you would be best off getting an old model or
a second-hand Palm from eBay. That's what I would do for AddressBook and
Graffiti needs...


Roy Schestowitz

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