Upgrade M500 os 4.0 to 4.1

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Can anyone help with upgrading my M500 OS please.
I have a multi language M500 & cannot find where to upgrade from 4.0 to
Below is the official line from Palm

"This version of the Palm OSŪ Software 4.1 Upgrade for the Palm m500 and
m505 handhelds Update is intended for US English handhelds only. It is not
compatible with Multi-Language versions of the Palm m500 and m505


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Re: Upgrade M500 os 4.0 to 4.1

Don't know for sure but think I tried to do the same thing my google search
revealed talk of the US version working but it giving the illusion of
crashing the Palm, but that after a hard reset all was well and you were
with 4.1.  Oh, and also read somewhere that it only works with a Palm cradle
with a serial connector rather than the USB.  I bought a serial cradle from
ebay and then never bothered upgrading as I was princiapply seeking to
install 4.1 in the hope it would stop the frequent screen lock ups.
Removing the screws from the back of the unit was the biggest leap forward
in curing that problem - it seems to be in part something to do with
pressure on the screen.  The thing will stay clipped together quite happily
without the screws.  The other cause of lockups is that the m500's processor
was just too slow

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Re: Upgrade M500 os 4.0 to 4.1


what you could do is "find" a 4.1 EFIGS ROM file plus ROM Crafter software  
and flash the ROM file into your m500. ROM Crafter is PC-based with  
back-up and restore functions and supports
both USB and RS232 under Windows XP. This info stems from a buddy who is  
keepin' a long-eared critter for a pet.
Take care

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