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I Have a Tungsten E2, work fine for the last year (I throw on the wall my
M505 for the same raison, I here today) for NO raison the Sync stop working,
no change, in-un install many time Palm Desktop, done all what Plam help
on-line told me to do.

When I connect with the USB Port All I get is: Unknow USB Device and the
Sync Manager don't even start.

It work before, All I did was go away for 2 weeks and now doesn.t work
I perform a Soft and Hard reset, remove OEMxx.inf  file on Windows/inf

The M505 did the same thing using NT4 and Serial cable.... guess what Palm
Support's only solution was to reinstall Windows OS all over !! Hummmmmm
what a Help !! I throw on the wall, smash it very good, got myself a New
Tungsten E2, a new Windows XP computer, USB (Palm told me Serial have some
problem go to USB....) work for a year and now...... I think I'm gonna
distroye this piece of shit and go an Old fashon hand written agenda !!

Any clues for me before kill my handheld ??

Thank you

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