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I'm looking for some explanation of the WiFi signal strength logos.

http://www.palm.com/us/support/handbooks/tx/en/tx_ug.pdf doesn't seem to have

Specifically, when one taps the WiFi icon in the PDA's system tray, and then
does a Scan/Setup the resulting list of networks has little icons to the left
and right of each network name.   The signal strength bar chart and the padlock
seem tb pretty obvious.  

But there's also a slashed red circle ("No"?) that seems to come and go.

You'd think that it indicates a connection was attempted, but failed - but it's
not always there when that happens.  In fact, you have to stare at the "WiFi
Connection Progress" dialog during the process or you'll miss the "Connection
Failed" and "Canceling" prompts that come and go rather quickly - leaving you
with the same list/icons that you started with and no indication that the
attempt failed - except the absence of the whole Scan/Setup dialog's closing

Bug or "feature"?

Anybody know where the behavior is documented?

Re: TX: Documentation?

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Doesn't seem to be documented, even in the full manual.

The circle with the slash through it means that this is a network that
the TX knows about, because you've attempted to connect to it before or
you configured it by hand *but* that network is not currently available.

For example, if I scan here at home, the work network has a circle/slash
but the home network shows a signal bar, at work it's the other way

ISTR seeing a "little terminal" which indicates an ad-hoc network.


Dave Hill - dave _ _ news at hillcroft dot org dot uk
Kempston, Bedford

Re: TX: Documentation?

Per Dave Hill:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Could you elaborate on what an ad-hoc net is?   Sometimes I see two little
terminals side-by-side.

Re: TX: Documentation?

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An ad-hoc wireless network means two or more devices communicating
without the benefit of an access point.

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