Two questions on the Treo 650

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I'm thinking of buying a Treo 650, but want to clear up a couple of queries

1/ Can I use a Bluetooth headset with the mobile phone part of the Treo?

2/ Can I make phone calls at the same time as Tom Tom V5 is running?  With a
Bluetooth headset?  I'd like to be able to make the occasional hands-free
call while Tom Tom is directing me.

I wonder about 2/ above for two reasons:  firstly, I imagine you have to
switch away from Tom Tom in order to use the mobile phone functionality,
which presumably freezes Tom Tom for the duration of the call?  Secondly,
will the Treo 650 support two Bluetooth connections simultaneously (the
connection to the Tom Tom antenna, and the connection to the headset).

Don't hesitate to mock if I've got this completely round my neck!



Re: Two questions on the Treo 650

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No. The Palm is limited to One bluetooth connection at a time. See this


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Re: Two questions on the Treo 650

Great - thanks, Kwan.


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