Tungsten T5 to GPRS Phone

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I have a Nokia 6600 and I can use it to view either WAP pages or GPRS
data via o2. They have set me up on my payg for GPRS ok.

My Tungsten T5 will "dial" to the Nokia from within Blazer so as I can
view wap pages ie BBC etc ok via bluetooth. This took various changes
to Network, Connections, Bluetooth under prefs.

Q is - Can I use the GPRS on the phone to view internet on my TT5? It
will be a lot cheaper than the per minute WAP.
I can't sort out which part of prefs tells it to use the phones GPRS
rather than dial.

If I set the TT5 Bluetooth, Setup Devices, Phone Setup, Dial-Up to ISP
to GPRS = yes, UK, o2GPRS it says "The connection you have selected is
not valid for use with high speed data service. Whats that about?
Is it linked?

thanks for any light you can shed.

Re: Tungsten T5 to GPRS Phone

richard.lister@calderdale.gov.uk schreef (6-9-2005 17:31):
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Try the number *99#, I've seen that work with people, the phone should
understand that you are not using a real telephonenumber but requesting
the GPRS connection of the mobile.


Re: Tungsten T5 to GPRS Phone

richard.lister@calderdale.gov.uk says...

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You should be able to use your T5 to connecto to the Internet using
Bluetooth and GPRS.

Have you got the current phone connections from the PalmOne website?  I
found that they fixed a number of connection issues for me with my old
phone.  I recently changed to aSony-Ericsson phone and have no problems
with that.


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Re: Tungsten T5 to GPRS Phone

Andrew Steele ROT-13 encoded wrote:
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Thanks A, but yes I have tried all the settings and there is no mention
of a "number" to ring or a startup script. Reading around the web I
think it is those or one of those I need.
I wish someone has a Tungsten T5 talking bluetooth to a Nokia 6600 that
is on o2. I could then compare settings.

Re: Tungsten T5 to GPRS Phone

richard.lister@calderdale.gov.uk wrote:
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I've just been through a similar process - phone settings for Vodafone
in NZ don't even appear in the updated phonelink software, and I
couldn't face dealing with either Palm or Vodafone to sort the problem.

Try Mobile High Speed

It will almost certainly work and setup is easy. However, the software
is quite expensive for something that Palm should provide, and also be
aware that the software key is locked to the device you install the
software on. If I'd known that (and none of the reviews mentioned it -
perhaps none of the reviewers registered?) I wouldn't have bought it,
even at discount.

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