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Hi there,

I'm a newbie with my Palm Tungsten E2.

I succeded to start Bluetooth, but when I want to communicate with my
iBook G4, for example browse it, the Bluetooth SW on the MAC sez "no
required software present on the Palm" (translated from French).

Where should I go to learn the begginings of the Tungsten to the Wolrd
Communications, please?

I also tried to synch my E2 via Bluetooth (because the cable is in my
office), no luck too :-(


Re: Tungsten FAQ ?

On 12 Nov 2006 01:41:12 -0800, "Marchéopus"

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I'm not sure I understand your first problem.  You say you
want to "browse" the iBook with the Palm.  Do you mean look
at the files on the iBook using the Palm?  I'm not sure this
is a Bluetooth problem.  Assuming you are connected, what
application on the Palm would provide the required function?

As for the sync problem, I don't use an iBook or a T2, but
with my T|X I need to go to the Bluetooth screen, then to
Prefs and then turn on Discoverable.  After that, your iBook
should be able to find a link with the Palm which should
enable sync over Bluetooth.

Vic Roberts
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