Tungsten E sync prob (switching from palm viix)

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Hi, please forgive what may be an elementary question. I had a Palm
viix. Now have a palm tungsten E.  I installed the software for the
tungsten e, and tried to sync. It does not work.  It hung on several
third party apps, which I deleted from my pc (games and little crud
stuff).  It then ran through the hotsync, but did not synchronize my
contacts or my calendar. So, thinking I just had to sync one more
time, I tried, and it got hung again. Please, any help would be
wonderful, I've been struggling with this for six hours now. Oh, one
more symptom is that I have to choose my user name EVERY time I try to
sync, while on the viix that never happened. Should I have made a
different user name for the tungsten even though it will be the only
palm on this pc? Help, please. Thanks in advance.

Re: Tungsten E sync prob (switching from palm viix)

<did not synchronize my contacts or my calendar.>

Older Palms had DateBook and AddressBook. The T/E has Calendar and Contacts.
Right click on the Hotsync icon in your tray, select custom and make sure
you're using the conduits for the new PDA.
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