[Tungsten E] Replace battery?

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I bought a second-hand Tungsten E on eBay. Although it works well, the
battery no longer holds the charge.

There are cheap batteries for sale on eBay and a video on YouTube
shows how to change it:


Can someone confirm that those batteries are reliable and that even
someone with two left hands like myself can perform this operation?

Thank you.

Re: [Tungsten E] Replace battery?

Gilles Ganault wrote:
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"THOSE batteries"????
FWIW, I bought a chinese battery for an ipaq.
Came with no solder on several of the pins to the connector.
Obviously, it didn't work.
Emailed the vendor.
They sent me a second one.
Same problem.
Got two batteries for the price of one...if you don't
count the $75 for the tiny soldering iron required to fix 'em.
Bought a battery for a HP Jornada.  Was too thick to get the lid
back on the PDA.
All were manufactured by Cameron-Sino.

Re: [Tungsten E] Replace battery?

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll give it a shot.

Re: [Tungsten E] Replace battery?

I bought mine 2/13/05 and like you, I am all thumbs.
I backed up and went to my local battery store, where for
$40 I had a new battery. Since 4/23/07 has worked perfectly.
I like the Tungsten E because it uses an universal usb plug
whereas the Tungsten E2 (which I bought as a backup but do not use)
uses a differnt plug.

Gilles Ganault wrote:
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