Tried Pocket PC but no thanks....

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I just wanted to let other Palm users know what I just found out about
MS Pocket PC.  First off I've been a Palm user since 2000 (Handspring
Deluxe, Handspring Platinum, Palm E) but I will admit I've been
enviously eyeing the Pocket PC platform for almost as long.  I've been
using a Palm Tungsten E for over two years now and I really like it,
even though I had to repair the on/off switch a couple of times.  I
tried the Tungsten T5 but thought it was awkward, heavy and slow.  I
recently bought an HP iPAQ 2415 and was impressed with the hardware. If
nothing else, HP really builds nice hardware.

But the problem was the software.  Like I said, I just got the Pocket
PC and was trying the standard applications this past weekend; and I
have to say the standard apps are really crappy.  Making matters even
worse, I had to use MS Outlook as the desktop interface. With the Palm
I mostly use the desktop interface and carry the PDA when I'm away from
my desk. I depend heavily on the calendar, contact list, task list and
the memo pad.  While I have many other utilities and applications to
augment the PDA, those simple, default utilities work great, are fast,
and have proven to be real useful. I expected the same, if not more
from the Pocket PC.

So the Pocket PC has a task list, but when you check off a task, it
remains visible on the screen. Huh? Then with the Pocket PC note pad I
didn't have the ability to sync subdirectories, making it rather
difficult to find my notes in the desktop.  Instead of using individual
folders for each category it appended the directory path into the
filename. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot! And personally this was so bad I'd
call it a bug, not just a defect.  Just guessing I bet Microsoft would
call this a 'feature'.

I guess I'm just used to the clean interface of the Palm desktop and
the quickness of the Tungsten E.  To be honest I really tried to like
the Pocket PC.  The hardware was outstanding, remarkably the OS seemed
stable, I liked the 802.11b wireless and the CF and SD slots, but none
of that mattered with the poor application suite.  Overall I'm sad to
say that the Pocket PC applications really suck big-time, and by
'suck' I mean almost worthless.  So I'll be a Palm user for years
to come.


Re: Tried Pocket PC but no thanks....

Bob,  thanks for the review. I was not going to be buying a PPC but it
still is nice to hear an honest and descriptive opinion in the event I
should ever be thinking of replacing my TE.

Re: Tried Pocket PC but no thanks....

I've just returned from using windows mobile (pocket pc). The devices
are fine, but like you I can't stand outlook also I had nothing but
problems trying to sync with two computers (non stop duplicates).


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