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Few days ago, i became a user of brand new Handera TRGPro PDA. A company
in Croatia had several of these PDAs in original packages that they
haven't sold when they should have, so i acquired few of these at very
popular prices (~50$). The reason i specifically searched for TRGPro was
speed, responsiveness, expected low price, AAA batteries power and CF
slot. Needless to say, i'm very satisfied but i'd like to "expand" its

First of all, software. I browsed through and
found several handy tools, but nothing spectacular. I'm primarily
searching quality document browsers (HTML, PDF, TXT, e-books...). Is there
any other freeware Palm software page (this is suppose to be freeware, but
many programs are demo/sharewares) and what document reader do you

And now, connectivity. I tried to work something out with SE K300 and SE
K750 (that has built in modem), but i belive that kind of procedures
require additional software and even hardware. I am equipped and willing
to do hardware DIY projects if necessary, but what i basically want is any
type of network connection that would allow me to send mails. What mobile
phones are supported to do that via GPRS? Is there a CF card that would
allow anything similar?

Also, as far as i've heard, TRGPro's IR has quite extensive range. AFAIK,
there are programs for SE mobile phones, for example, that emulate remote
controller for DVD player, TV and stuff. Anything of such type for Palms?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: TRGPro "advance" usage...

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 I like Plucker (HTML, TXT, anything that can be converted to HTML), and
CardTXT (edit text files on the memory card, unlimited size, unlike the
Memo app). A lot of people appear to like AvantGo, though I haven't used

 Get AutoCF; it lets you run programs off the CF card, so you can keep a
lot of RAM free.

 There's "ptelnet" which is a good telnet/serial terminal.

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 You can look at the Yahoo groups "T-U-G" and "TRGPro_Users_Group".
Also "HandEraUsersGroup" and "heos41".
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 The TRG Pro can use CF modems and even CF wireless cards
(wifi/802.11b). I've got a Wifi card for my Handera 330 (the TRG Pro's
big brother) and it works fine. There are phones with IR ports so you
could get on the web that way, too. The Eudora Internet Suite is old,
but has a good Palm mail client, and is free.

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 None free, but OmniRemote is supposed to be good.


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