Treo 650: Profiles that set call forwarding?

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I'm a very happy user of Profiles for the Treo 650 by Milan Votava. I use
the colour schemes to signify which profile I'm actually using, which is

Unfortunately for me, if I set the "Forward all calls" value, then I get
odd slowdowns in other Treo apps - it kind of pauses for  a second or so,
meaning (for example) I hit the date picker in tasks, nothing happens, so I
hit it again, at which point the Treo 'catches up', registers two taps, and
I've set the date to who-knows-what.

I've found Plug Forward, which enables me to set the call forwarding value
and it works fine... but I'd like to set the call forward state as part of
a profile activation instead of independently. Note I DO NOT want to turn
the radio off; I still want voicemail notifications and text messages to
come through, and I still want to make outgoing calls. I just want to
forward all calls to voicemail.

Is there a cure for the Profiles slowdown?

Is there an alternative to Profiles that allows me to set:

colour scheme
alarm volumes (prefereably independently of each other)
vibration mode
call forwarding

and can be triggered via a menu brought up by holding down a key
(preferably the blue 'option' key) and at certain times in the day?



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