Treo 650 hotsync error installing program

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I got VolumeCare installed on my Treo 650 with no trouble. I recommended it
to a friend, who downloaded it and tried to install it - but when she
double-clicks on the .prc file in Windows XP Explorer, and then tries a
HotSync, she gets:

HotSync Error: An application cancelled synchronization or failed to respond
to a HotSync notification. Please ensure that you are not currently editing
data using applications such as Palm OS Desktop or Install Tool. (8009)

This isn't the usual Outlook or third-party conduit problem. If she removes
the .prc file from the Quick Install window, the HotSync goes fine - of
course, that doesn't get the software loaded.

Any ideas?
Jay Maynard, K5ZC (Yes, that's me!)

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