Treo 600 clumsy phone behavior or Freeware alternative for TreoGuard?

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I wonder if there is a freeware alternative for Treoguard.

The behavior of the phone is a little bit clumsy.

All I would need is the following thing:

The Screen should go off during the phone, but they keylock mustn't go
on. You should have the option by pressing a certain key that the screen
goes on for about 2 seconds.

You should be able to end a call with a key when the screen is off.

I was able to get some things improved with TreoGuard but the bevaior of
the phone, the keylock and KeyGtime during phonecalls is really clumsy.

When the screen and keylock is off KeyGtime still shows up for a short
time when the screen is on. When the screen is on I have to end calls
with a different key, etc.

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