Treo 270 won't accept (correct) PIN (location dependent?)

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Data: Treo 270 / GPRS enabled / Network provider E-Plus (GSM 1600),
Germany / Lots of additional software, hacks etc. installed, but that
doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem:

Handheld quite often refuses to accept the (correct) PIN code when
activating wireless (never tried until it really blocked the card, but
it threatens to...)

Especially strange: this seems to be location dependent - the phone
can be activated without problems in my living room - but it's
impossible to activate in my office.

I can't imagine that I'm more likely to mistype in the office than at

As far as I know, the phone only starts communicating with the network
after accepting the PIN - and the network coverage should be better at
the city center office than at our suburbian home anyway.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Axel from Karlsruhe

Device Name: Treo 270

Desktop Computer Operating System: Windows 98SE

Desktop Personal Information Manager: Palm Desktop v4.1.4 Win

How is your device connected to your computer: USB

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