too much time to sync audio and video

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I got a Tungsten E and i just buy a 512mb SD card. I have in my PDA the
Realplayer and Kinoma video viewer. When i try to sync some files (1 video
mpeg with 10 mb and 3 songs in mp3 format with 5 mb each) takes to much time
and freeze the sync (aparently keeps makes the sync because the icon in my
desktop moves but dont move to other file)

Is that correct? how many time is enough? is there another apps better that


Cancun, México

Re: too much time to sync audio and video

Manolo(MX) schreef (22-11-2004 16:52):
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Copying files using the Hotsync to the SD card is terribly slow (at
least at my PC/Zire 31 setup), I use a USB mass storage device to copy
things, which goes ~ 10 times faster then using the Hotsync (for 3Mb it
took around 8 seconds on the USB and 80 with Hotsync). So I would guess
that when you sync those 25Mb it would cost you more then 10 minutes :/.


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