These stupid OLERR errors

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I've searched a lot through the forums and palm support sites. But
there are still some questions unanswered to me.

The OLERR calendar error just seems to happen with certain Outlook
versions. I've never seen a posting about this error together with an
Outlook 2003 version or newer.
Is this right? So then probably the problem could be solved easily (but
expensively) by updating Outlook 2000/2002!?

After getting this OLERR errors again and again, I decided to change to
Palm Desktop. Using the Palm cd I changed installation according to the
instructions. After this every conduit (calendar, address, todo, memo)
appeared twice. I restarted, synced and sync just works fine until
software starts to sync calendar. The calendar sync never stops.

I have no idea how to solve this problem. But my conclusion is, that
this stupid OLERR stuff is not only an Outlook error as described on
Palm's Support Site. Right?

I tried to reinstall Palm Desktop, but got this hang again.
 Dbscan  couldn't find an error in my database.

Does someone knows where Palm saves the conduits? Why do they appear
twice after changing from Outlook to Palm Desktop?

Any comments welcome!
Oliver Ott

Re: These stupid OLERR errors

Hopefully my English isn't that bad... ;)

Re: These stupid OLERR errors

By the way I'd like to refer to a second posting.
Header: 'Tungsten T5 Outlook Sync Problem'

Also there is a guide out there on Palm's support site.
The Solution ID (German) is 8985.
I searched for 'OLERR'

Still there is the question how I corrupt the Outlook.pst file. I just
created new datebook records on my palm. All with endtime/date...

Is there a newer/better version of the conduit out there?

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