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I was looking into what's available, just in case I move machines.

The PC World round the corner is selling the Tapwave Zodiac 2 for
150GBP and the T5 for 250GBP.

Both bluetooth, both OS 5.2, both 320x480 screen.

Am I missing something?
What is extra for the 100 (180USD)?

I see that the Palm has double the memory, anything else?

Alan Sherman

Re: Tapwave v T5

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 The T5 has built-in flash memory, so if the batteries die the data
isn't lost. Personlly, I back mine up to a flash card on a scheduled
basis and don't worry much. The T5 can also act as a USB hard drive;
the Zodiac can with something like Card Export, too, though.

 Perhaps there's something else, too. The T5 might have a more
comfortable form factor for some things, I dunno.


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Re: Tapwave v T5

alansherm@aol.com says...
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The tapwave has custom graphics and sound chips, and 2 SD slots.
Remember that it was launched as a gaming Palm.


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