Synching With Outlook and Palm OS 5.0

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I had a Sony Clie NX80 and it fell and the screen is bleeding.  So, I
am not going to send it back to SONY for $155 plus tax and freight.  I
loved it and it did so many things.

However, what it never did well is synch with Outlook Contacts because
I have lots of business and personal contacts and therefore I have
different address.  I bought beyond contacts but it was incredibly
slow and crashed all the time.  I have 3,200 contacts and most of the
2,300 business contacts have substantial memos.

The first synch was always Ok but going back into Outlook was
disastrous.  There were often 2,500 changes, even though I had it set
for Outlook to Win

It just so happens that my wife washed her new phone in the washing
machine and she needs a new phone.  What I plan to do is give her my
two year old Motorola and my hands free pod and I was going to get the
700 W or the new Samsung.  However, those screens are so small and the
Samsung is not doing Windows Mobile 5 and only has 64meg or ram.  I
used the Sony for Zagats, GPS, music at the gym, I read all Dan
Brown's books on it and a few more and I kept some important Doc and
Worksheets on it.

Will I be happy with a smart phone?  I was given an IPAQ 2215 with a
broken digitizer (at least it looks like that is all but you can see
everything just cannot get passed the alignment screen).  So, I could
fix that for about $125, unless something else goes wrong.  

The Treo 700W is $300 from Amazon with a Verizon new activation and
the Samsung is $349.  For the same money I could get the Palm TX, keep
my phone and get my wife a new phone but that Synching problem with
Outlook will exist there too.

Any ideas?  I need help figuring this out!


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