Synching two Palms-- keeping data separate.

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I've had a Treo 90 for about 2 years now (love it) and finally my wife
has come to her senses and bought at Tungsten E.  We installed the
desktop software (newer version than the one that came with mine) and
synched her PDA so she'd have the contents of my address book,
calendar, etc.

Now, however, whenever we synch her PDA the computer says that it is
synching user "Paul", even though on the desktop software we've
selected "Charlene".  I even put a little test message in the notes
feature of her PDA and after supposedly synching to "Charlene" it ended
up in the notes for "Paul" on the desktop software. Also, the desktop
software for "Charlene" does not show any of the calendar or address
book entries. They are all still shown under "Paul"

Please help-- I have LOTS of critical stuff in my Treo that I can't
afford to lose. Charlene's is still pretty empty, but once she starts
using it, I don't want all of her stuff in my PDA, and vice versa.
E-mail response to would be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Synching two Palms-- keeping data separate.

I would check the manual about template or master palm set-ups.

Or you can look for PalmName and reset the name on her palm back to
Catherine WITH a number different than your palm. However that is
playing with the nuts and bolts of the palm.

The problem is that when you sync'd, you copied your name to her palm.
You need to copy the info to her palm and that is a different process.
Try beaming the data -- may work better. wrote:
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