Synching to a second PDA?

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Probably a silly question...

I live in fear that my Treo 90 will poop out one of these days (it's
about 2 yrs old and still working fine, but ya never know...)
As long as I have a recent backup in my hot synch manager, can I simply
get a new Palm PDA and synch all of my files into the new one?  I'd
REALLY hate to lose my appointments, phone #s, games, text files, etc.

Re: Synching to a second PDA? wrote:

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Yes indeed. You can either increase the frequency of HotSyncs or get a
backup card for some peace of mind... under GBP 10 (~$19) for the card in
eBay and there is a free backup application.

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Yes, but keeping the two PDA's in sync. all the time is another issue.

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I'd recommend backup. You can make use of the card that you acquire with
your new PDA as well. However new your PDA is, you will never feel 100%


Roy Schestowitz

Re: Synching to a second PDA? napsal(a):
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Will work with data, but may cause problems if you use device-specific
applications like PiLOC etc.

Re: Synching to a second PDA?

Yes is the simple answer.....but perhaps others will know of exceptions.  When
I upgraded from a T2 to a T3 all I did was sych and my data was installed to
the new T3 (of course this was a year or so ago)

Re: Synching to a second PDA?

When I upgraded from a Zire71 to a T5, I was able to give it the same
username and just sync all the data across.  All the key things:
Calendar, Memos, Photos, Apps etc transferred fine.

A lot of stuff didn't install the same:  eg, registered software became
unregistered.  However I keep a Memo with a list of all my software
codes, making it easy to put them back in.  And some apps no longer
worked on the T5 (eg a little freeware game called Nono - it just
wouldn't load).

I recently had an (expensive!) disaster which required buying another
T5.  Syncing to this was even easier than the transition from the
Zire71:  from the old T5 back up to the new T5 back up *everything*
transferred:  preferences, games were still registered:  everything
except wifi which I had to reinstall.

I am not using any special back up programs, just the Palm Desktop for
Mac OSX.

My only caution would be that the longer the age gap between the
devices, the more "niggles" you are going to find.  Hopefully Palm will
always make it possible for the key data - eg Calendar, Contacts - to
go across flawlessly.  If it isn't possible when/if Cobalt etc arrives,
they will perhaps offer a separate data converter app so people aren't
put off upgrading to newer devices.

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