Synching a new Treo to an old one.

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Client has a year old Treo 600. Getting very flaky so bought new one.

Originally set up Pocket Mirror to sync Outlook to Treo with Outlook

Now, client has made lots of changes to Treo without syncing.

Now wants two sets of Outlook contacts so as not to lose changes made on
One set is the existing set of Outlook contacts that we originally planned
on syncing with.
Client does not want to alter these.
Second set would be separate contacts to sync with Treo.
I think I can set this up using two .pst files but I'm wondering how Pocket
Mirror will like it.

My plan is:
1) Back up existing Outlook .pst file
2) Create new empty Outlook.pst file
3) Sync new Treo to Outlook with Treo winning
4) Rename new Outlook.pst file to Treo.pst
5) Add the Treo.pst file to Outlook's folder list.
6) Restore the original Outlook.pst
7) Reconfigure Pocket Mirror to sync to the new Treo.pst file.

Will this work? Or does Pocket Mirror only sync to the default Outlook.pst?

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