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I got a slight problem.

I'm having the following error on my Powerbook (Apple) in Entourage, which
has installed Office 2004 since last week.
I want to sync at home Entourage. In the office I'm working in the windows
environment with the latest Office software.
BUT, if I want to sync at home I got the following remark:

Entourage Conduit synchronization failed
³Entourage Conduit² failed (error = #16404)
OK Install
Install synchronization failed
³Install² failed (error = #16404)
OK Backup
Backup synchronization failed
³Backup² failed (error = #16404)
Last sync time and PC ID updated on handheld
HotSync Complete 09-06-2004 17:11:07

What, the problem and how do I solve this?

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