Sync hangs at "Datebook"

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I have a new Palm Centro and am trying to sync data from my old Tungsten. I  
installed the new Palm Desktop software as instructed and performed a sync.  
The data was moved from my desktop to my Centro, however now when I try and  
synchronize the synch manager hangs when it reaches my Datebook. If I  
deactivate the datebook from the synch list everything is sync'ed fine. I  
have tried everything I could find in Palm's knowledge base (change user  
name, removed and reinstalled the software, checked connections in sync  
manager...) but resolution. Any suggestions?

Re: Sync hangs at "Datebook"

Am Tue, 15 Apr 2008 22:49:01 GMT schrieb angharad:

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have you tried dbfixit?

perhaps it helps to find out if the database is corrupt.

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Re: Sync hangs at "Datebook"

I have a very similar problem.

I had to get it to sync to my old desktop pc as it wouldn't work with
laptop.  Laptop on XP pro SP2, desktop on XP home Sp2 but I cant see
that as being the problem.

Sync to laptop always falls over at datebook, just like your problem,
even having re-installed palm desktop software

After that, it fails on main pc as well and the only way to get it to
work is:

soft reboot of centro (remove battery, re fit)
end task on hotsync using windows task manager, then restart hotsync
using configure, set all of the options to 'do nothing' apart from
in datebook, view details and set to desktop over writes handheld
set everything back to normal
it then works fine and syncs normally as long as I don't try to make it
talk to the laptop which fails to work whatever method I try

Oh - a new feature in datebook on the pc seems to be 'category' and that
appears to need to be set to all to make sync work although I cant see
why - it just worked one way but not the other.

I will try to fix the sync to laptop (which is what I really want it to
do) but havnt given it that much thought.  Please post if you come up
with any answers and I will do the same.

There is a tab (on the pc application) under tools - options - tools
"check and repair" which might help you.  It found and fixed some errors
for me but failed to sort the underlying problem.

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Richard C

Re: Sync hangs at "Datebook"

RCC typed on Wed, 16 Apr 2008 23:10:22 +0100:
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I have a Palm IIIc and I moved to a new apartment. Strangely enough the
Palm sync also stopped working with my RS-232 serial to USB adapter to
my laptop. Sometimes it would work partly and sometimes not at all. I
discovered that removing the DC supply to the sync cradle would take
care of the problem and it works every time. Must be a lot of
interference on the power lines here. :-(


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