switching from PPC to PalmOne Treo 600

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Just bought my Treo 600.

Some things I did with my PPC that I'd like advice about how to do them
on Palm platform.

1.  Maps.  Pocket Streets sucked but had all the US available via MS
Street and Trips 2004.  Is there any software that has comparable
availability of all US maps to easily download to my new Palm device?

2.  Voice Reocrding - all PPCs have a button for voice recordings that
store them as part of the notes feature that sincs with outlook. I would
keep my beginning and ending mileage that way and at the end of the
month I opened outlook and listened to the files and entere them in
apreadsheet to turn in for reimbursment.  How should/could I do this on
a palm.

3.  Docs to go for word, excel files right?  Anything else better?

4.  MP3 and Video files.  I could open the Windows media player on my
Ipaq and listen to and watch multimedia.  What is best solution for my
Treo.  I am more interested in MP3.

5.  Some games I would play with my kids while waiting for a table at a
restaurant or in line somewhere.  Any good Palm versions of these ...

Tic Tac Toe

.... that are two player compatible?

I've searched this stuff and just would like advice from anyone who may
be using this software.

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