Suggestions Pls: want to upgrade from my Sharp Wizard OZ-750

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I need some practical suggestions.  It's time to replace my 5 yr old
Sharp Wizard OZ-750, it's starting to fail.  It's been perfect for
addresses/phone/birthdays -- very, very simple.
  - 1)  what do people suggest I switch to for a address/birthday
orgqanizer? (I still need pretty simple functions, I'm very slow with
my laptop),
  - 2)  is there a simple way to get my info/contacts pulled-out of my
current Wizard?  Thanks folks!!  ....Al in Nevada

Re: Suggestions Pls: want to upgrade from my Sharp Wizard OZ-750 wrote:

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  I'm probably not the person to ask about "simple", because to me, if it
isn't flexible, it isn't worth it.  That said, I have yet to see any
(third-party or built in) software that is "hard to use".  But that might be me.

  I've been a Palm man myself, more because of the software availability
rather than anything else.  At risk of understating some of the units out
there, I'd say that out-of-the-box, the calendar functions, the phone/address
functions out there are all pretty much of the same standard-  OK, but could
be lots better.
  So if you're not going to suppliment or replace the built-in software, then
you can pretty much choose anything - you're going to be on fairly even footing.

  If you ARE going to suppliment the software, then either Palm or a WindowsCE
type PDA are the choices.  With both you get syncronisation, that is, it
duplicates changes made on the PDA and PC on both.  That includes email on the
units that support that.
  With Palm, you have a palm-supplied "Palm Desktop" software, or I'm sure
there's a condiut for Outlook (not sure, never use it). There are mac options
too (It's called Missing Link I think?)
  With Windows CE you sync with Outlook.  I'm guessing here, but there are no
"official" mac options for the windows CE PDAs, though I'm sure the mac guys
would have put something together...

  As far as "simple" goes, from my perspective, both (out of the box) palm and
CE options are about the same (across their respective ranges).
  Once you start supplimenting with third party software, they certainly can
get more flexible, but how this translates to "complicated" is up to you.

  We have some stores here with these on display, and you can at least ask the
sales droids to have a play with them and see if it's going to work for you.
  I imagine it's going to involve a bit of change on your part regardless,
things would be done "differently" from the sharps - so don't get scared off
too quickly.

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  I'm guessing here, but at worst, you will have comma-delimited text format
data waiting for you on the PC once you're done.  One way or another, you can
get this into just about any software out there worth it's salt.  So I don't
see any problems in the data translation area.

  A bit of net searching revealed software for the OZ-750, so you certainly
have the potential to get your data off it, however you don't say if you have
a cable.  A VERY quick search revealed cables for your unit for around US$50
or so.

  Assuming the software is free (shareware anyway), you have to decide (if you
don't already have a cable), is your data worth $50, or are you going to do it
manually? (Quite feasible if you don't have too much to do)

  After some more reading, some of the Wizards have an IR port, but only the
commercial software supports this.

   There appears to be very little on making your own cable though.

   So either way if you don't already have a cable, you have to evaluate if
you need to spend that money on something that's going to only get your
existing data out, and never be used again (likely).

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