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I have heard alot about HP's 95/100/200LX machines and their WinCE
counterparts. I found them kind of interesting, but I haven't tried
one. I would really like one because I find Graffiti on my old Palm III
hard to work with. Does anyone have experience with these devices?


Re: Suggestions on HP machines

Xatapu wrote:
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If you don't mind 2-finger typing (or have VERY small hands ;-) the
Jornada WinCE-based 720/728 would be much better for all around use than
the LX series, including Internet access, although think in terms of
Internet Explorer 4.  The advantage of the LX series is the DOS OS if
you are into running old DOS apps, and the longer battery life.

Better yet, if you want to be able to do much touch typing, and don't
mind a 9x5-inch form factor, the NEC MobilePro 780/790 series will be
much better.

Both the Jornada 72x and MoPro 7x0 machines have PCMCIA and CF slots,
although the Jornada only takes Type 1 CF, and it is a popout holder on
the underside, whereas the MoPro's is a slot on the front edge that
takes Type 2, including Microdrives, and lets the end of the CF card
stick out if need be.

Both the Jornada and MoPro should be able to run 6-8 hours on fairly new
LIon batteries (if you can find them), and you are not using network CF
or PCMCIA cards constantly.  YMMV of course.

Check ebay  - either the Jornada 720 or MoPro 790 should be available
for $200 or less at times, with the J728 more (but not always...), and
the MP780 less.

You can install NetBSD on the MoPro for a real unix environment (incl C
programming), and Linux on the Jornada - fun, but it takes work and
patience, and you lose the ROM-based power management.


Re: Suggestions on HP machines

I don't know. I have looked at both, but I really dislike WinCE. The
expansion sounds good, though....

rocxspam wrote:
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Re: Suggestions on HP machines

PPL are screaming for mass storage .

 The GP2X has Host USB to a USB Hub and then to USB HDD .

Xatapu wrote:
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