Suggestions For Palm TX Replacement?

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I've had it up to *here* with the Palm TX I've been enduring for
the past couple years.   Even with TealScript, it's virtually
impossible to Graffiti more than a few characters without error.

For my use, Bluetooth + WiFi + $5.00 is worth a couple cups of

OTOH, an SD or CF slot is a "must have".

Bigger screens are better - but it's not a religious issue.

Hard clamshell form factor would be preferred.

Price?  Not a big deal as long as it isn't ridiculous.

Dunno that I'm ready to take the jump to Windows yet - mainly
because I have a large amount of info stored in a hierarchical
manager called "BrainForest".

Anybody got some recs?

Re: Suggestions For Palm TX Replacement?

(PeteCresswell) wrote:
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I have tried a T|X only once, and it seemed to me that the screen had a
rubbery finish (that's the best description I can give) that made it
difficult to write on. The recognition also seemed poor (using OOTB G2).

I'm told it's nicer to write on with a screen protector, but I don't
know how/whether that would affect the recognition.

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I use Bt a lot ... my T|T doesn't have WiFi.

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There are very few of those around ... and they're all phones.

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Windows Mobile is *still* not half as good as it's cracked up to be. I'm
occasionally tempted by some of the add-ons one can get for it but at
the end of the day the poor functionality of the built-in apps puts me
right off. Palm is better, Symbian is better (but only available on
phones) ... and Symbian won't run BrainForest.

You could try a Treo -- which is a phone, but it does run PalmOS (and so
BrainForest) and has a keyboard ... so digitizer/recognition problems
won't be a worry.

You could try a T|E and hope that the recognition is better ... or you
could just try a *different* T|X and hope that it's just your current
device that exhibits the problems.

There's nothing else *to* suggest, really.


Re: Suggestions For Palm TX Replacement?

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I have a T|C and got into a new job at work that required extensive use of
Outlook for meeting management. They did not really support PALM OS. I had
been a user of Datebk but having to manually enter meetings and meeting
changes and one time changes for recurring meetings eventually got me. They
got me an IPAQ rx1950. I spent a fortune getting PPC counterparts to my Palm
apps. I will say the PPC integration with Outlook is perfect. The graphics
seem better even with a qvga screen (240x320) than the Palm 320 by 320. This
is probably due to color selections etc.

The advantages for me stop there though. The Windows mobile seems to be the
most unstable operating system you can imagine compared to Palm. Whatever
the advantages there are to apps in sharing resources etc are drowned by
daily resets. I have to reset this unit 1 to 2 times a day otherwise it may
take up to 45 seconds to load an app. After the reset (soft reset) the app
loads in 5 seconds.

I am struggling with either continuing with a nicer looking display with
daily resets versus just using the IPAQ for my work meetings etc and using
my Palm of everything else.

I don't claim to understand and know the market but I think there are plenty
of us that want a plain old Palm that has memory, and will work. I hope you
find a replacement.

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