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I was looking at a Sony Clie TH 55 today in a shop but the stylus was
missing. Reviews suggest that the stylus is dire and might need to be

Is it  true that it's that bad? Is it replaceable by something else?
Other than a knitting needle, of course.

Any other comments on the TH55 would be appreciated as I was thinking
of getting one or the Tungsten T3. It's not the WiFi or camera
particularly that  appeals but the general elegance of the machine
compared to what else is available.

Re: Stylus and Clie TH55

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The Stylus is a telescoping stylus. 2.5 inches collapsed and 3.75 inches

I think a lot depends on the size of your hand and what you are used to
and how much time you will be trying to write with it.

As for a replacement, because the slot will only hold this sized stylus
and replacement would have to be stored external, like one of the
combination Stylus/Pens that you can get and clip to your pocket.  I
guess if you got a PDA case, it might have room for a stylus as well.  
But it is very unlikely that you will be able to store a replacement
stylus in the TH55 stylus slot that is much different from what Sony

Personally, I'm happy with it.  Most of my writing is entering an alarm
or a short note.  Once in a while something longer, but that is rare so
that it does not really bother me that much.

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Long battery life.  The variable speed CPU and the use of specialized
graphics hardware helps conserve battery life a great deal.

I have WiFi at home, and I have book marks for the weather so I can
check it when I wake up in the morning before deciding on what to wear.  
I also have my favorite web sites bookmarked, and I'll serf them in the
morning when I wake, or before going to sleep at night.

The camera has been useful for shopping.  When my wife was looking at
cars, I used it to take pictures of each of the cars she test drove
(inside features, and outside).  When shopping for furniture, took
pictures of the furniture and the price (especially if the store does
not like you taking pictures; they do not always realize that your PDA
is also a camera :-)  I've found a few other uses for the camera that
are not your typical photo shoot situation, but more like data capture
where a picture is worth a thousand words situations.

The screen is very nice and since I read a lot of ebooks, the larger
screen gives me more text per page.  And reading ebooks is a very low
CPU use so battery life is extremely good when reading so I do not run
out of power when getting to the exciting conclusion of a book (and I
have had that happen to me with my previous PDA :-)

I like the voice recorder, as it lets me capture a thought while driving.

While the CLIE Organizer is nice and has lots of bells and whistles, I
got used to DateBk5 on my last PDA, so I installed it along with
ZLauncher as my primary tools.  It is personal preference kind of thing.

Sony has included OnSpot Technlogy's Decuma hand writing recognition as
an option.  I like it, especially after I read the forum
thread that uncovered all the features and how to take advantage of
ShortCut5 (freeware).

You may want to go over to and browse the Sony ->
TH-Series forum.  You can get a lot of 1st hand owner feedback just by
reading it, plus there is a lot of good information about useful apps to
install (especially "THe Go!Go!").

As for Sony getting out of the US market, I figure that unless Sony goes
out of business it must honor its warranty.  Besides, they made that
decision _AFTER_ I got my TH55, so it was not something for me to

                                        Bob Harris

Re: Stylus and Clie TH55


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That's very helpful, Bob. Thanks for the response.


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