Stupid Q. about infrared hotsync (Win98SE, T|E)

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I'm trying to get hotsyncing to work between my Palm Tungsten E and my
laptop (Compaq Armada 7790DMT running Windows 98SE with all the latest
patches from windowsupdate).
Unfortunately, I get stuck at the first hurdle: the laptop does not
even seem to recognize that the Palm is there. Never mind Palm Desktop
or HotSync Manager; the Infrared Monitor keeps telling me there are no
devices within range, even though I lined both machines up carefully
and they are only inches apart.
On the PC end, IR is enabled, and mapped to COM4 and LPT3, and set to
look for devices every 3 seconds; on the Palm end, I'm in the HotSync
application, with the menu just below the big HotSync icon set to "IR
to a PC/Handheld" (and that connection is configured to connect to a
PC, via Infrared, at 115200 bps (which the PC supports), and flow
control set to Automatic -- I tried other speed and flow control
settings too, to no avail).

If I can get the PC to recognize the Palm, I figure I'll be able to
set up Palm Desktop properly (should be just a matter of pointing it
to COM4), but if only I could get there!

I'll have to try borrowing another laptop and/or palm to isolate the
problem, but meanwhile, am I missing something? I *think* I did all
the required steps, but the instructions from the Palm documentation
are not very detailed.
BTW, I tried looking at the IR ports on both machines through my
digital camera. I can clearly see the IR port on the laptop flash
every 3 seconds, but I see nothing on the Palm.


 - Thomas

Re: Stupid Q. about infrared hotsync (Win98SE, T|E)

Thomas Okken once said

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Hello Thomas,

On the palm in the Hotsync application click with the stylus on the a
bit oversized hotsync button. That should trigger your palm's

Hope this helps


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