Spontaneous Hard Reset

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My Palm TT3 has spontaneously hard-reset itself several times in the
past few weeks.

I'm not sure about the other times, but at least the last time occurred
as soon as I placed it on it's cradle.

If that's not bad enough, the same thing happened to my old Palm M515
(and I'm using the same cradle with the TT3).

Has anyone had a similar experience, or have any idea why this would

I'm aware of feeling a very small static discharge whenever I touch the
USB connector of my cradle while the AC adaptor is connected to the
in-line socket. So I'm a little concerned that the power supply is
*zapping* my T3. Therefore, I'm going to replace the cradle with a USB
sync cable instead to see if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Re: Spontaneous Hard Reset

I remember an issue with the m5xx cradle and a reset problem. Sorry
that I don't know more, but maybe you can find it on the Palm website
under Support. At any rate, the solution at the time was to return the
cradle to Palm for a replacement that had been modified.

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