Sony Ericsson K800i

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Hi there,
I own a Tungsten T3, with which I currently use a Sony Ericsson (SE)

However, I shall soon be upgrading my handset to the new SE K800i. This
is quite a new phone and I am not aware of any new drivers having been

I want to take advantage of the 3G internet access (so I shall be
getting myself "Mobile High Speed" so that my T3 can access the 3G
network through the handset, via bluetooth).

This is what I am *hoping* to do, although I have been trying to verify
compatibility between the TT3 and K800i. So far, after Googling this
several times, all I have found is an unreplied forum post from someone
who cannot get the two to talk.

So, is there anyone out there reading this who has got these two
working together yet?

Thanks for reading.

Re: Sony Ericsson K800i

On Thu, 23 Nov 2006 11:09:14 -0800, David.R.Gilson wrote:

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I'm not sure if it helps, but ...
Are you just wanting to tether the T3 to the K800i, and use the 3G
connectivity? (As opposed to just using dialup through the phone?).  I
have a Samsung X820 (that is; an "orphan phone" as well) -- and got the
tethering (through an EDGE channel) to work pretty well, without an
excessive amount of drama.

The phone, even using the 3G stuff, just looks like a modem with an
unusual dial string -- not that big of a headache.

- Tom

Re: Sony Ericsson K800i

Hi there,
Yes - All I'm after doing is getting the TT3 online via the mobile
phone as a 3G modem.

Tom wrote:

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