Sony Clie TH55 stick mount in OS/X

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Hello all,

First of all, I'd like to apologize in advance if this is off topic... I
have a question about TH55 compatibility with Mac OS/X.

I'm using OS/X Tiger (10.4.1) and I got HotSync and iSync to work with my
Clie without much trouble using the instructions here:

However, now I'm looking to mount the memory stick as a drive on my
desktop, and I'm having little luck. As far as I can tell, many people
have been successful in using the Data Import/PC Link tool; however,
whenever I try to connect to my desktop, the connection process quickly
fails with a message that says 'Check connection with desktop'.

When I used to sync with a windows machine,  I had to install a mass
storage driver or some such nonsense in order to mount the stick. I doubt
that such software is yet available for OS/X...

Now that I've got things sort of working the way I want to, I'm hesitant
to purchase software like the Missing Sync. (I also find the notion of
purchasing software that Sony really should have developed itself in the
first place sort of insulting.)  In the event that I can't get
this working, I'm considering using SMBMate to wirelessly connect to my
desktop via samba to swap files on and off the card that way. Has anyone
tried this and had a positive experience? I don't have a wireless router
or anything, so I imagine I'd have to instruct my iBook to act as a

Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you for listening to my


Re: Sony Clie TH55 stick mount in OS/X (Debo) wrote in

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Works fine with my windows machine.


Re: Sony Clie TH55 stick mount in OS/X

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 09:03:47 -0500, Debo wrote
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I belive it's built in to MacOS X.

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Complain to Sony ... oops, I guess they won't care.

I've gone go Missing Sync - they have a vested interest in keeping me
compatible _after_ I've bought the lump of metal, plastic, and silicon we
lovingly call a PDA.

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