Sony Clie TG-50 dial-up Networking Problems

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During a trial with using T-Mobile, I established a successful bluetooth
PPP connection from my TG50 to the T-Mobile phone and successfuly surfed.

I opted to continue my contract with Verizon Wireless. Whenever I perform
a bluetooth PPP connection with my new Verizon Wireless phone, my username
and password are exchanged fine, but the TG50 never seems to get an IP
address. I found a shareware program called CheckWWW to perform a
traceroute, and it cannot get past the PDA.

I've tried to ssh into my own PC at home, and my logs do not show any
incoming attempts on port 22.

So, is there an alternate PPP dialer for Palm 5? Is there a free/trial
program to at least show if the TG50 is getting an IP?

I know the ISP connection does work because I set up a successful dialup
network connection from my home PC via the cell phone (granted it was
cabled), disabling the cable modem connection to ensure I was going
through the phone, and surfed fine.

I should try via a bluetooth connection with the PC next to see what
happens that way...

I also tried a terminal program from the PC to the phone and manually
diialed in, noted the prompts the ISP provided, and scripted the prompts
on the PDA. Still no luck Sad

Thanks for any insight for a possible DUN altnerative for the PDA or
whatever else might work.


Re: Sony Clie TG-50 dial-up Networking Problems

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Your problem is Verizon.
Verizon is known to cripple BlueTooth functionality in their phones.
I suppose you changed phones, since a T-Mobile GSM phone is unusable on
Verizons CDMA network.
Google for "Verizon crippled bluetooth".

Ton van Overbeek

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