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hi, trying to find a simple piece of software that'll read the SMS logs on
my GSM treo600 and let me export them to txt or csv or something PC related.
I've tried Maxtext and funsms and they won't read the current inbox messages
prior to being installed. I can't copy and paste the logs into memopad as
they're too big, they fill the clipboard. I've got as far as locating the
backed up pdb's on my pc but this...

SMS 447813744335BE283078        ? BB$zB/~2           SMctHsCh f
   5  ("M(                        bIs that you mian? I've got a new
phone, so need to collect new numbers. Thanks for letting me know. 
("x("x                       yeah it's me. You're welcome  J^J^
pcould you kindly text me with gordon's mobile number. I need to text him
about the projector mount. Thanks.
******************************************************************** pretty poor. Can anyone come to my rescue? I only need to do it once
before i upgrade to an XDA2s.

thanks for any effort or suggestion

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