SmartHeap Library - Out of memory

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I periodically see the following error when HotSyncing my Tungsten E:

SmartHeap Library
Out of memory.  Please free some memory, then choose retry
Abort   Retry   Ignore

I've haven't noticed any pattern to when the error pops up.

I've tried Googling on the problem, but didn't find anything that seemed

The only way I've found to fix the problem is to reset my T|E and *also*
  restart my PC.  (I have to do a restart because once I see this error,
my Palm apparently can no longer find my PC until I restart.)

There *has* to be a better way, perhaps even a way to keep the "Out of
memory" error from occuring in the first place.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Oh, yeah - my PC is a Dell Inspirion 8500, Windows XP Pro, SP2.

Bob Pownall

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