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Does anybody here have any recent experiences with Shirtpocket Ltd?

I ask as I'm in the middle of trying to get hold of the buggers and they're
not answering *any* means of communication they have published despite
having the thick end of £700 of my money and have had since the middle of
January and are showing no signs of shipping me anything for it nor indeed
of talking to me to tell me why not.

I'm just wondering if I'm an exception, or if anybody else out there are
having a similar problem at the moment.


Re: - Cowboys or not

Paul S. Brown wrote:
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middle of

Same here. Fortunately in my case it's only about a tenner, but, as you
say, they don't appear to be answering e-mails, the phone rings and
rings without triggering an answering machine, and the goods don't

I have to admit that the first time I used them, the goods did
eventually arrive, but they didn't have the courtesy to answer any of
my e-mail enquiries. (They also do say on their web site that they're
going through what seems to be a fairly traumatic relocation at

Good luck! Keep us posted.

Re: - Cowboys or not

We ordered and paid for 5 Zaurus 860s with wireless cards and cases in
December. We got 4 machines and cards in January.... we are still
waiting for a Zaurus, a wireless card and 5 cases. As you say.. they
don't answer the phone, they don't reply to email.
Even with the relocation problems, you would expect better service
with a 2 and a half thousand pound order.

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Re: - Cowboys or not

I have been waiting since the 11th January for a £700+ order(now
17/3/05), no
replies to phone calls or emails. I have now had my money
refunded to me by my
Visa company. I would seriously recommend that
people DO NOT USE

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Re: - Cowboys or not

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 20:16:32 GMT, AndrewPegg

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I bought a Sharp Zaurus C860 from them over a year ago, which
went fine. Last year I tried to contact them about something, but
I was completely unable to get a response from them..

The story on the website about the moving of the office probably
explains part of it, but IMHO any company who is serious about
doing business and staying in business would have arranged to
be able to take phone calls and answer messages. I've started
to mail them 4 months ago!

I will never do business with them again, because I just don't
want to take the risk of buying something, not getting it, and never
hearing from them again for months.

In fairness they should have closed the website, because only
they know how many unsuspecting buyers place orders with them
right now... it's coming close to looking like a scam if you ask me...


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