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Hi all,

even though the PC-3000 is real to big to fit it in a pocket, I decided to
go on in using this machine (mainly as organizer), because a very simple
organizer is by fifty EUR in the CONRAD electronic shop (although the
CONRAD-organizer is very light and much smaller than the PC-3000).

But to do so, it is unavoidable to have a reliable safety management for the
stored data, and exact that is not given by the PC-3000 hardware. The reason
is, that by making only one fingerprint to a false key or give only one
wrong command in the DOS or in the filemanager all stored data are lost and
you can start right from the beginning.

Now, why do I tell you all this? Because I think, the only way to avoid the
danger of data loss is to store data at a solid state medium as a harddrive
or  floppy disc. (The SRAM-card is not suitable, because data are only
stored, if the lithium battery is OK)To do this I have to use LAPLINK.

Now comes my question: What are the steps to connect my PC or my notebook
with the PC-3000? When I follow the instructions in the manual (MODE
COM1:2400,n,8,1,p and CTTY COM1) it doesn't work.

When I rummaged through the PC3k mailing archive I found the executable
LAPLINK.EXE (not the laplink.exe stored in the PC3k)to download. I copied
the downloaded file in my notebook, started LAPLINK at the PC3k, and after a
double click to the file(direct from the W95 explorer)the notebook
immediately showed me the remote PC3k!

So it is proved, that the LAPLINK cable (it is the original PC-3000 cable)is
OK and connected correctly. But it seems not perfect, because the right way
should be actual, to install LAPLINJK from the PC-3000 to the notebook.

What can I do to realize this?

Next problem:
when looking at ("Enhanced
PC-3000 at Pound 299...)the picture shows a PC-3000 with a very bright
background, so that the characters seem better readable. Is that only a
marketing gag or does exist such a version?

Wasn't there a user, who mailed in the PC3k mailing list, that he had found
a possibility to highlight the background brighter?

Who can help me?

Thank you

Peter Stilling

P.S. Of course, my plan is admittedly a bit of curious, but isn't the
PC-3000 such a nice machine, thet to tinker at is a good thing?

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