Serial line RTS ipaq 5550

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Hi! All,
I am trying to control the RTS line of the PDA. I wrote an application
with two functions:
#1 RTS Enable where it opens the serial port, enable RTS line and
closes the serial port.
#2 RTS Disable, where it opens the serial port, disable RTS line and
closes the serial port.
There is no handshaking used. When no handshaking is set thenRTS
assertion and de-assertion does not give any voltages.
Is it true that on the PDA, handshaking needs to be enabled in order to
get the voltages on the RTS line? When I run the same application for
windows it returns me voltages on the RTS line from +-12 Volts without
setting hardware handshaking.
The baud rate I have is set to 9600, Stop bit is 1, no parity, data bit
is 8 and handshaking to none.
Why doesnt the RTS line show voltage (+-5V) on enabling and disabling
the RTS line.
The Pocket PC I am using is ipaq 5550.
Is there a way on the PDA to set the serial port setting?

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