Send Calendar item to PC via Bluetooth. Don't want Outlook 2003 to open it

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I send Calendar entries (eiether singly or by Category) to my PC using
Bluetooth, and they are received okay but Outlook 2003 opens/accepts
them all the time.
I want the actual file saved to the PC so that I can import it into Palm
(Please don't ask me to HotSync as my HS freezes on Calendar and does
not sync at all).
I want to import the VCS file into Palm Desktop manually so that I can
reset the Treo 650 and *only* then HotSync.

I have been able to send (by Category) all my Contacts to PC using
Bluetooth and now want to do the same for Calendar.
HotSync causes endles problems in that it constantly freezes during a
sync. I need a manual option to import data into Palm Desktop from the
Treo without using HS.

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