sd card volume problem

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I recently bought a Sandisk 2GB SD card. It worked fine in my i-mate JAM but
I then decided to try it in my digial camera. Don't ask me why but I decided
to format the card in my digital camera.

The result is that I now have a single volume of 979MB instead of the
previous 2GB. I've looked at the card under Windows XP disk management I can
definitely see that it has formatted the card with a single volume and left
an unformatted volume.

Question: how in effs name do I remove the volume so I can reformat my card
in my PPC to its true 2GB size? My existing SD card formatter in my PPC
resolutely believes this is now a 1GB card instead of a 2GB card.

I've been to the Sandisk site but it is ... ahem.... crap at providing an

Can anyone here help?????

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Re: sd card volume problem

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Have you tried reformatting it with a card reader and Windows?  I haven't
tried it, but fdisk might do the trick.



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