SD card capacity for Tungsten T

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Hi :
Please help , anyone knows max capacity SD card I can buy for Tungsten T
Thank you in advance

Re: SD card capacity for Tungsten T

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 03:26:24 -0500, malena
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1 GB.

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Re: SD card capacity for Tungsten T

Thank you for the info
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Re: SD card capacity for Tungsten T

For the Tungsten E2, T3, T2, T and  Zire 71, 31, 2

These devices support SDIO cards, MultiMediaCard and SD expansion cards
up to 1GB. Because of the file system used by these models, and those
that came before them, larger cards may cause unexpected behavior or
not work in these devices.


Re: SD card capacity for Tungsten T

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Palm says that a 2GB card will work in the TE2.

Palm Solution ID: 34080

Maximum SD expansion card size and transfer speed for palmOne handhelds

LifeDrive: see Knowledge Library article 39823 instead of this article.

Because Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMediaCard (MMC) technology continues to
evolve, newer expansion cards may offer different features, such as larger
capacity and faster transfer speed, than were available for us to test when we
developed our handhelds. Although we couldn't test future expansion cards with
older handhelds during development, we expect many newer expansion cards to work
with older palmOne devices.

The maximum size of expansion card that can be used in your device depends on
the model.

Treo 650, 600 Tungsten T5, E2 Zire 72 LifeDrive and newer devices
We have tested 2GB expansion cards with these devices and can say with
confidence that they will work in these palmOne devices.

Tungsten T3, T2 Zire 71, 31 and previous devices
The file system used by these models, and those that came before them, can
support expansion cards up to (but not including) 2GB. At the time of writing,
1.5GB cards are available, and these will work with these devices. 2GB cards
will not.

Re: SD card capacity for Tungsten T

I have to dispute what Heather has written. It about word for word what
Palm Inc has posted and has sent out those Palm customers who have
inquired about this. Unfortunately for many, many, many Palm customers,
they found out about the Palm Created limitation AFTER they purchased a
2gb card and were out of money and waster hours. They also would be
people who would own digital cameras or other items that use SD cards
where the vendors have driver and firmware upgrades, so it was not
logical for them or me to understand the situation.

Here is the truth,
1. It is total 100% lie and Palm corporate propaganda that the larger
capacity cards are SO complicated or have introduced NEW technology and
it would take forever to test every single card. That is a TOTAL LIE.

2. The differences is NOT in the card itself at all, it is on how it is
formated only.

3. To be more efficient with higher capacity SD cards, SD cards that
are now 2gb and then going up to 32gb, as noted by the Secure Digital
Association standards.

4. All that Palm Inc would have to do to allow Tungsten T3 and other
users to allow full use of the higher capacity SD cards, is to take the
FAT driver they already are using for the LifeDrive, T5 and T|X and
make a five minute change and allow this driver to be downloaded on the
Palm website. Some Palm customers have done that already. If youo are a
Sony Clie user, you can find that FAT32 drivers distributed on some of
the Palm forums. It is easier for the CLie users because they stopped
distributing Palm OS devices anymore. But, it has been done for Palm
users as well, but it has to be hush, hush because Palm might very well
sue anyone who has the access to the code and does anything that might
actually increase the "working life" of on of Palm's units.

5. To make sure that you understand the what Palm has stated and
Heather has repeated is total nonsesne is simply two facts:
    a) Palm Inc is NOW distributing a 2gb SD card that can be purchased
on their site.
        Therefore, it is bull that their is "not really" a SD standard
and that they are all
   b) Palm Inc and PalmSource are both MEMBERS OF THE SD
       they attend SD conferences, and are involved with the creation
and implementation of
       SD standards.
   c)  To make sure that a SD card is using  the SD standards, make
sure that you see
        the unique printing of SD that is on the flash cards.

6. The web site for the SD Association is listed here.
     <A HREF=" </A>
     At the site, you can read about conferences, write to the
President of the Association,
     even give them $1,000 per year and fill out the application to
become a member of
     the SD association.

7.  It is essential that all Palm user understand that the limitation
on the use of higher
     capacity cards to PDA's like the Tungsten T3 (which has a fater
CPU than the T|X),
     is that Palm has made a conscience commitment to attempt to
     misinform and abandon their customers by NOT posting a simple
software download
     for a FAT32 driver.

8.   Palm is banking on the the fact that Palm users will not make a
fuss and be
      uninformed and stop using their devices like the Tungsten T3 and
      a Tungsten T|X.

9.    Also consistent with this strategy is that the version of
Bluetooth distributed on
       all Bluetooth Palm's is version 1.1. In the meantime 1.2 and now
2.0 are
        the standard. Therefor limiting the distance and speed of a
Palm PDA
       using Bluetooth. Has anyone seen any new driver downloads for
Bluetooth on
       Palm's web site? Don't count on it.

I could give many other examples, like installing "non-replacable
batteries", although
people like myself have purchased an inexpensive battery and replaced
Palm's original one anyway. It takes a little manipulation. Palm also
has done nothing to take responsibility or even sell the faulty
installation of their screws that fall out of Tungsten's.
Besides NOT taking responsibility for the screw fiasco, Palm Inc won't
even let you buy
replacement screws. However you can purchase them from some third party
people who
have made them for themselves and now sell them for a dollar or two.

We need to user the executive Management of Palm Inc to listen to their

The future of Palm OS devices is NOT WITH Palm Inc, but with innovative
companies like LG electronics that had become a licensee of Palm OS. I
am optomistic that we will see LG, Sony and others make Palm OS devices
and that ACCESS to move along with their licensed partners and see
innovation and new hardware for the best OS in existance, Palm OS.
Palm Inc has done WAY more than Microsoft has done to spread the use of
the expensive, bulky and inferior Windoz PDAs. Look how many companies
have come out with Window's PDAs and look how many companies dumped


     Palm users.

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