Screen rotating?

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I'm using Zire72s.
I'm living South Korea, and I'm middle school student.

Zire72 has 320x320 screen. There isn't any application that can rotate this
And, Palm OS 5 doesn't support OS 4's Hack&DAs.

1. How about the Flip Hack or DA for OS 5?
(Why can't developers make?)

2. I have T3, T5, Lifedrive Rom Files.
How can I use these files to rotate the screen?
I don't know how the program recognizes the screen(320x320 or 320x480).
I think if I edit somewhere on the program, then it runs on mine.
(But, I can't find somewhere. I saw with Resource Editor.)

3. Then, How can I show the Status Bar(T3/T5/LD's) under the screen??

I'll wait your help.
Kang won, Lee

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