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Hi All,

I bought some Beklin screen protectors for my Palm TC and to be honest they
really reduced the screen clarity. so i need to get another make,  I'm also
going to cover my screen on my digi camera and also my phone.
I would like to know which ones you use!
I'm in the uk, so any local suppliers would be great.

Any recomemdations?


Re: screen protectors

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I'm too lazy to make my own so I bought Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal for
my T5.



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Re: screen protectors

Jinx wrote:
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For my T3, I make my own - I have found a type of overhead projector
film (acetate?) that works well. Some brands are too soft and thin and
scratch too easily. Thin film also produces Newtons rings, which can be
distracting. An A3 sheet makes a heap of screen protectors :-)

I cut the sheet of film into pieces a little larger than the extended
screen, cut a very small amount off the top right corner to identify
which face of the protector is up, polish up the top face with a very
hard wearing car polish (Liquid Diamond). The protector works fine
without the coating, but the polish makes it more durable and very
slippery and I prefer this for writing on.

There is a slight gap between the digitiser face and the case on the T3,
so the protector just slips in between the two, and seems to stay there
just fine - I've never had a problem, even with the slider.

I generally get several months of use out of each protector - and I'm a
heavy user of my T3. Cost is only my time, and the protectors are
crystal clear - a new one is almost invisible.

I prefer them to store bought ones, which I find do degrade the display
a little, and cost a lot.

The above may not be relevant to your TC, but I thought it might be of
interest to others here.


Re: screen protectors

-=rjh=- wrote:
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I'm printing that out to try on my TE. Thanks.
Now, if I can find some school teacher friends so I don't have to buy a
whole pack at Orifice Depot...

Re: screen protectors

Ignorant Peasant wrote:

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(piggy-backed & snipped
  don't have original yet - gotta love propogation)

Thanks for the tip.
Lacking overhead projector sheets I've got some extra fax-carriers at
work, they may a bit too thick though. They're extra. I've got nothing
to lose but time and a sheet I'm not using if it turns out to be too much.


Re: screen protectors

-=rjh=- wrote:

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Worked like a champ. There's not a lot of room for the excess to fit in
so it has to be cut really really close to the right size, but it can be
gotten so that it'll stay. It may be that it's mostly held on by static
and love but it's head and shoulders above the ones I was using from

Great idea, thank you loads!!!


Re: screen protectors

Try these:-

They are in Hong Kong. Normal turnaround about 7 days.
Good quality product. I have been using them for a few years now.

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